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Programs + Services Overview

Mental Health Skill Building Program

True Life Destinations’ Mental Health Skill Building Program has been serving clients since 2013.

Our services are tailored to meet each client’s individualized needs while providing education on the impacts of their challenges, assisting in the development of appropriate skills to manage and work through their challenges, as well as promoting a better quality of life and an increased sense of autonomy.

Our services include goal directed training in the following areas:

  • a. Medication Monitoring
  • b. Health Monitoring
  • c. Culinary Skills
  • d. Clothing Maintenance
  • e. Housekeeping
  • f. Money Management
  • g. Community Involvement
  • h. Safety Skills
  • i. Functional Skills

Pyschosocial Rehabilitation Program

True Life Destinations’ Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program has been serving clients since Fall 2017. Our services provide a structured program for two or more consecutive hours per day for adults 18 years of age and above with a DSM

5 diagnosis in a non-residential group setting. This service provides education to teach individuals about mental illness, substance abuse, and appropriate medication maintenance skills to avoid complication and relapse. Individuals are provided with opportunities to learn and use independent skills to enhance social and interpersonal skills within a consistent program structure and environment.

Our services include psycho-educational groups and activities focused on the following topics:

  • a. Medication Maintenance
  • b. Mental Health Maintenance
  • c. Healthy Living
  • d. Housekeeping
  • e. Money Management
  • f. Safety Skills
  • g. Functional Skills
  • h. Community Involvement